emma rooney



As a re-emerging artist, my interests stem from walking in the landscape as well as being a mother living in the Blue Mountains. Walking has been a grounding and essential activity through time, in varying landscapes, distances and altitudes. I’m interested in experiential knowledge, a space for thinking, moving and focusing, travelling through, and being in, the landscape.

Meandering… a gentle ‘drift’, combined with a focused sense of direction, a tangible and tactile experience with the often harsh elements of the land…the contradictory compatibility of those two states. Footedness and eye gaze, on and off tracks, the essential function of body with mind, moving through landscape... the notion of ‘dérive’ (Debord - 1958), to be taken by the terrain. Walking the tracks, following a trajectory with a sense of navigation, via maps and landmarks, time and light affecting, depending on the weather and changeable conditions.

matchbox pinhole photo

The sun as indicator and reminder of direction... knowing and not knowing the landscape simultaneously. The physical experience of walking a track, and worn tracks, sometimes unreliable or not there. Awareness of physical pains, discomforts along the way. Travels of mind, between the actual and ‘other’, projected memories or dream states, or future imaginings both through walking, and sleeping in the landscape, on the ground, with sounds of life through the night, or relative silence after the fires, after the death of so many animals, charred vegetation….nearby creeks and distant mountains as physical markers, an embedded assurance of place.

matchbox pinhole photos

matchbox pinhole photos

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